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sleeping beauty


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ok so ive just got my tickets for 10th march. i think i remember booking for the cojacaru/kobborg cast but cant seem to find leaflet and its not online..does anyone know who is dancing that night?

Who are u all hoping for as lilac fairies. i know id love to see lara morera, marianela nunez and jamie tapper in the part, wat about the other supporting roles?

OK so anyway write back people!!

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I just got my tickets too. I'm so excited about Cojocaru and Tewsley. I loved Tewsley in Onegin - he had a kind of bouncing quality in his steps that made him appear almost weightless. Have to grouse about my tickets though - I bought a ton and didn't get any of my first choices! I can't believe I'll have to stand for 3 hours for practically every performance!

Re the Lilac Fairy, I'd like to see all those you mentioned Jude, and Zenaida Yanowsky as well.

And would love Anthony Dowell as Carabosse, since he's coming back for Winter Dreams and all.

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