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New dancers join NBoC

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It's interesting to see that the POB quadrilles Jean-Sébastien Colau and Lise-Marie Jourdain will join the NBoC. They have been dancing with the POB for a few years (and have also performed together in some competitions), but haven't been promoted (there have been few available positions in the last seasons...) I haven't seen much Jourdain, but Colau is a handsome tall dancer with a strong personality. I don't know if it's only a one-year leave, or permanent (the dancers are authorized to take one year off to work with another company, if they want to stay there for more than one year they have to resign from the POB. That's what dancers like Pierre-Francois Vilanoba, Rachel Rufer, Peggy Grelat, Delphine Baey, Marie-Gaelle Communal... did in recent years).

I hope to read about Colau and Jourdain's performances with NBoC.

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Dear Estelle,

thanks for more info. I thought I remember names of Colau and Jourdain from reports on various competitions last year. It will be very exciting to see them here in Toronto.

Also, I was very happy to read that young dancer Yuri Hiraoka joined company in the status of apprentice. I saw her this year in Spring Showcase of National Ballet School of Canada. She has beautiful classical line, very refined already and definitely looked ready to join professional company.

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