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  1. Well, I do agree very much with Paquita's original thoughts on The Contract from 2002 (there's a hyperlink in Gisele/Violin Concerto post). Like Paquita I also saw Contract first time in '02 - this time around I saw the same, opening cast with Martine Lamy and Gillaume Cote. I think the same qualities I liked in the production that time I liked again - the sense of true artistic collaboration where all the parts sort of had equal importance (very much like rethought concept of gesamtkunstwerk, or fusion of art forms);Some of these elements however, stood out for me personaly- lighting des
  2. I agree with tigger, this was an excellent review Paquita, and it would be just fun to hear what you thought in comparison this time around. I'm going to open a separate post for it. Read you all there!
  3. Hello all, and I'm sorry I'm so late to report about my impressions from the fall season. I saw two different casts of Balanchine's Stravinky Violin Concerto/Giselle performance, and than I saw the opening cast of Kudelka's The Contract. But I should probably make a separate post for that performance. Well, I love any Balanchine's works and always love a good Giselle, so I was thrilled with this type of programing (although I admit it was a bit unortodox, and it did surprize me when Giselle was added to the repertory later last year). As I said, I was very fortunate to see three different per
  4. Akram Khan is coming to Toronto this fall (in November) as part of Harbourfront Centre's World Moves series. Here is link to more information (there is a very interesting line up for next season!) http://www.harbourfront.on.ca/noflash/perf...farts/dance.php
  5. I absolutely agree about Terekhova. I always think of her if someone mentions great grand jeté. Splendid examples of this for me are her Mirta on Giselle tape with Zaklinsky/Mezenceva and The Dream Scene on Don Q video (she's Kitri and Ruzimatov is Basilio).
  6. The principal casting for Jewels performances is available on NBOC's website : http://www.national.ballet.ca/Productions/casting.php Also, there is information on the first cast of Tristan and Isolde on the same page.
  7. I totaly agree with you about Bruhn's version, Paquita. I'll also take Kudelka's version any day over that one;) (I also saw the recording of it on Bravo channel a couple of years ago.) I also agree with you about Ogden and think she might become a stunning Odette in some time. (Even though I'm happy for Sonia Rodriguez, I wish we could have seen her in the role this time. I'm curious about her portrayal (can't remember if she danced last time around). I guess we'll have to wait for her to come back:)
  8. Well, I saw Ogden/Cote performance on 28.th as well, and I remembered things which bothered me in Kudelka's version before - mostly it is his I Act with sociological comments. The concept is sort of that Prince feels trapped in the ugliness of the vulgar surroundings where a mother and a wench are the only women and so on..- I was happy enough with more traditional versions where we understand that Prince is feeling empty inside (withouth any gang rape scenes) and therefore wants to escape to a world of pure and simple emotions. (I also just want to clarify, I'm not always opposed to "reinter
  9. thanks for your comments Leigh! It's great to hear different impressions. I just want to say that I really like Kudelka's approach, especially last and this season. Besides current stars of the company, he regularly shows off character and more mature dancers, as well as gives nice opportunities to really young ones (like apprentices).
  10. Oh:) Yes, Aleksandra "Napoli Excerpts" are the first part of the evening (followed by Le Spectre, The Judgement of Paris and finally Mac Millan's Elite Syncopations). I would have loved if program had ended with Napoli instead. When I try to think back, I think that is Kudelka's almost standard programming pattern for mixed bills- majority of times a program starts with the classics, and then follow with newer or contemporary pieces. Leigh, I love Premiere Dance Theatre as well - there are no bad seats, the stage is deep and lovely. Another cute dance venue is Betty Oliphant's Theatre at
  11. Thanks for your replies Alexandra and Leigh! Alexandra your remarks on Bournonville are most interesting! I wish to go again and look for all details! I apologize my report on Napoli was confusing. They opened with Flower Festival Pas de Deux. Pas de six was the second part and they closed with Tarantella (as you thought was logical). Leigh, I did see TDT in Christopher House's Severe Clear, I loved it was clever, fun and beautifully danced) and will write about my impressions soon. I hope you'll be able to see it too.
  12. So, I've seen last night's performance (Feb 20th). It started with Napoli Excerpts (Flower Festival-Pas de Six-Tarantella) staged by N. Hubbe. Flower Festival was danced by Heather Ogden and Guillaume Cote. He was very charming, and felt more at ease with Bournonville's choreography and style (although I wish Alexandra could have been the judge of that ;) Ogden is a good technician, but was little bit stiff or maybe she needs to work a little more on connecting steps (at least that's how it looked). In Pas de Six variations I want to credit Jennifer Fournier as I was pleasantly surprised b
  13. I too will be seeing Ogden/Cote cast on Feb 28th and I'm looking forward to it. Kudelka's version is not my ultimate Swan Lake, but I'm learning to live with it. ;) In previous seasons I saw Greta Hodginson with Antonijevic and last time around they were excellent (actually Greta always was) and I also saw Xiao Nan Yu and Ryan Boorne and I wasn't so enthusiastic about their interpretations. So, I'm ready for a fresh cast! Tomorow night I'm going to see the mixed program I'll definitely let you know about both performances.
  14. Marc, if you think Ekaterina Osmolkina, she is listed as "coryphée" on the Russian language portion of the site
  15. Also as far as modern dance there is a big festival in Harbourfront Centre (Premiere Dance Theatre) that goes on from October to May. It's international and it's name is "World Moves" (you can see this year's program on that same link for Harbourfront Centre). In past few seasons there were some well known international companies like Trisha Brown, Rosas, Preljocaj etc. (and their programs are similar to what they bring to US tours) but also very interesting Canadian ones (I'm looking forward to Toronto Dance Theatre's "Severe Clear" this season). Sorry, I know this is place for NBoC and N
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