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Hong Kong Ballet

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Since I am Chinese (my parents come from Hong Kong), I'm very interested in knowing more about the Hong Kong ballet. Many of my teachers have danced there at one point or another in their careers. I was just wondering, how is there repertoire compared to other western companies? Is there a feeding school to the company (like SAB is to NYCB) ? How large is the company? Also, does it ever tour other places (like Canada for example) :) ? Do they have a website? Thanks for your help.


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veronica, i just came across this post of yours. i can answer some of these Qs - but after doing a search to see if you are still active at the board (because this post was made a year ago), i notice that you were planning to attend a special event in the northern summer, in china. have you been yet? or are you about to go? if you have already been, and you went to hong kong, you can probably answer your own questions by now. if not, please let me know here, and i'll try to help.

p.s. congratulations on your fantastic RAD intermediate result! good job! :)

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