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  1. I think it's very possible for Heather Ogden to be promoted to principal very soon, but May may be a little bit early. But, no one knows except Mr. Kudleka~!! However, I certainly hope that happens because she is so incredibly talented. Also, I hope that Cote will be promoted to principal too, since he's also an amazing dancer of so much talent. Just a side note of curiosity, what factors determine an artist for promotion?
  2. Have international ballet companies, such as Royal Ballet, Kirov, Bolshoi, and Stuttgart, ever toured Toronto? I've never seen any of these companies perform live. Actually, NBoC is the only company I've seen in live performances, so I am hoping for a newer experience. Don't be mistaken, the National is an excellent company, but it would be very interesting to see other international companies perform in Toronto. Veronica
  3. Thank you very much for the great account of the Glasco situation. I never realized the NBoC's history was so complicated. Also, thank you very much balletparent and Leigh Witchel for the student rush ticket information. Veronica
  4. I was just wondering... I was pretty much a kid when this whole "Glasco vs. NBoC" incident occured. Could anyone please explain what happened exactly? I have heard many good things about Ms. Glasco during her days as a ballerina, so I am very curious to learn why she suddenly left, and sued the company. (On a side note, does anyone know how much student tickets cost on weekend matinees (cheapest seat available)? Also, are rush tickets frequently available, and how much do they cost?)
  5. Anyone? I, too, am interestesd in that question because I did not have a chance to catch the NBoC's Nut production this year. We have been hearing a lot about Heather Ogden as Sugar Plum. Just out of curiosity, did anyone see Stacey Shiori Minagawa? Veronica
  6. An article from the Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...ertainment/News [edited by LAW to remove the article and link instead for copyright reasons. I'm afraid even with sad news like this, we still need to honor that.]
  7. From the NBoC, what is your favourite style of repertoire and why? Examples include, Romantic (Giselle), Classical (Paquita, Swan Lake) or Modern (A Delicate Battle.) Which is your favourite ballet from this style and which dancer in your mind performs it best? Veronica
  8. I'm a thirteen year-old ballet student, and I'd like to know what kinds of tapes or DVDs would be most appropriate for me. Is it best to see everything of one company, or get a wide range of ballets with different styles. In classical ballet, I only have RB's Swan Lake (Makarova/Dowell) and Essential Ballet: Russian Stars (Makhalina, Ananiashvilli, Maximova, Vasiev, Ruzimatov, etc) performing Paquita grand pas, Diana & Acteon pas de deux, The Leaves are Fading, Don Q grand pas, and much more. I've seen others, like RB's Bayadere (Asylmuratova, Bussel, ?). What else is appropriate for a "be
  9. Since I am Chinese (my parents come from Hong Kong), I'm very interested in knowing more about the Hong Kong ballet. Many of my teachers have danced there at one point or another in their careers. I was just wondering, how is there repertoire compared to other western companies? Is there a feeding school to the company (like SAB is to NYCB) ? How large is the company? Also, does it ever tour other places (like Canada for example) ? Do they have a website? Thanks for your help. Veronica
  10. I don't really think the NBoC is the type of company to specially foster partnerships. The only example of a prominent partnership in the last decade or so, would be Karen Kain and Frank Augustyn (competed in the Prix de Lausanne for pas de deux and won gold.) I've been watching NBoC for a couple of years, and all the castings were pretty much mixed up. No two principals or soloists were always casted with each other. With Guillaume Cote and Heater Ogden, the company might be trying to create a strong partnership out of them. They competed together in the Erik Bruhn Competition and both made t
  11. Kat, which ballet school do you go to? I've actually seen Julie Hay dance in one of the variations in Paquita. She is delightful; a young, but talented dancer. ~Veronica
  12. I've never seen her on stage, but I saw her on T.V for one of the NBoC series. She was rehearsing the Romeo and Juliet Balcony Pas de Deux with Guillaume Cote.. if I remember correctly. I also saw her as one of the soloists in Paquita. She has a beautiful line, and she's one of the fastest rising young stars with the NBoC. I'm not sure, but I sincerely hope that Heather Ogden and Guillaume Cote are going to be a strong partnership for this company, because it's what they need for now. Besides, I think they are absolutely perfect together, in a way, like Karen Kain and Frank Augustyn was severa
  13. Canadian_dancer, I agree. Rebekah Rimsay is a beautiful dancer~! Another one of my favourites is Chan Hon Goh, especially in Romeo and Juliet and Giselle. Veronica
  14. Thanks BalletNut~!! This ballet sounds rather interesting~!~ Veronica
  15. Paquita, just out of curiosity, what is the synopsis of "La Spectre de la Rose"? Veronica
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