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Video of Gayaneh perfomance

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I'm looking for a video of a performance of Khachaturian's Gayaneh suite. The only thing I found was an excerpt performed by the Kirov ensemble, so I guess that there must be some video of the entire performance.

Does anybody know of a video of the entire performance, and where I could order it, if possible online?



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i know there are excerpts on a few compilation video tapes in the US, primarily on one called CLASSIC KIROV. These excerpts indicate that there is a longer film of the ballet, perhaps one of the complete work in Russia. i have not, however, known of such a film's release, complete, as a commercial video or DVD in the States, or elsewhere.

the excerpts we have on US tapes are included in compilations primarily to offer examples of the dancing of tatyana vycheslova, who dances in the film as nina, if memory serves.

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I have a vague memory of going to a fundraiser for the Virginia Ballet (Oleg Tupine's company) nearly 20 years ago and being shown a color film from the '40s or '50s of Gayaneh. My most striking memory is that of the ballerina's entrance -- on a horse! Beat the dickens out of the sword dance. So this may be one of the (probably) dozens and dozens of Soviet-era ballet films which, we live in hope, may be released on video one day.

Thanks, rg, for answering, and a very special thank you for graciously agreeing to keep an eye out on this forum. We will all benefit greatly from your knowledge.

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there seems to have been an article, or at least a mention of a film of Gayne in a February 1979 issue of DANCE MAGAZINE.

also the leading character danced by Vycheslova in the film i saw is named NUNE not nina, Nina Anisimova is the choreographer.

i now see the NYPublic Library spells the name of the dancer in question as follows:


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On the 1-st Mariinsky Festival they recreated the suite from "Gayane" with the sable dance and one of Armen's variations. Luckily that was filmed and shown on TV. Armen's variation danced by Nureyev exists on the tape called "Firestone Dances". He is still young and wonderfully savage in it. Other excerpts available are on the Kirov tape already mentioned here. I hadn't time to check, but as far as I remember Nune is the name of the heroine, rather typical for Armenia. In one of the numerous books on Nureyev I have seen photoes of him partnering Fontein in a scene from this ballet. Hope they were filmed and some day will be released as well as many others. I've checked in catalogues of NY Library and found out they have quite a number of Nureyev dancing filmed, not available on the video market. Next year in Jan. will be 10 years since his death and I do hope TV will show something new.

Returning to "Gayane". From the Russian ballet magazine I have learned that Boris Eifman staged it in Riga ( I do not remember when, but I guess long ago, since it was mentioned that Khachaturian was very pleased with his work). The performance was filmed, but there is no information whether it exists or not. I even tried to find out this personally from Eifman, but his answer was rather uncertain and vague.

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