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graham technique sources

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I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of any books about Graham technique. I recently read a book called "Godess" which was a collection of interviews/essays with her dancers. All the other books I've seen about Martha Graham also seem to be perspectives from her dancers or biographies of her. I'm looking for something that really goes into the technique - if anyone has read "The Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique" by Renata Celichowska, this is the kind of thing I'm looking for. Any suggestions?


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Boots, I have not read this book, so I can't recommend it firsthand, but there is "Martha Graham: The Evolution of Her Dance Theory and Training" by Marian Horosko and Madeleine Nichols. It's in print and should be available on Amazon.

"Goddess" was very good. I also enjoyed Agnes De Mille's biography. It's highly opinionated, but very worthwhile -- De Mille was an old friend of Graham's, and an excellent writer. Hope this helps.

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