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2002-2003 Season

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Um.. personally, I would be interested in seeing the fall mixed program, with the La Bayadere Act 2, because I haven't seen NBoC's production. Also, possibly the new ballet Tristan and Isolde, because I haven't seen John Alleyne's choreography before. I've also seen other companies' productions of Jewels, but not the NBoC's.


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I am seeing the fall mixed program for Bayadere as well. NBoC performs Makarova's staging. The other 2 ballets on the mixed bill are A Delicate Battle and the Firebird, which I have already seen. Jewels is not to be missed! I think everyone loves Jewels or at least has a favourite part. Fille Mal Gardee will be great too, and if you like story ballets that's the one I'd recommend. Myself, I'm most interested in the spring mixed program with Spectre de la Rose, Elite Syncopations (a lot of fun), and Napoli excerpts.

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Here is a synopsis, of the version by Michel Fokine, designs by Bakst, music by Weber:

A girl comes home from a dance or a party, holding a rose. She goes to sit in a chair, and falls asleep holding her rose. She dreams that the [male] spirit of the rose comes through her window and dances with her. After she and the spirit have a tender little rendezvous, the spirit exits through the window, and the girl wakes up, and gets up, and caresses her rose.

It's been a while since I saw this ballet, hope I got it right.:)

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Thank you BalletNut;)

Sorry I couldn't reply earlier, I was on a trip to Chicago! Anyways, sylphide4ever, if you haven't seen this ballet you should try and catch it this fall. I've only seen it on video, w/ Baryshnikov, most of the ballet is male dancing.

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