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Allegra Kent


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I just read Allegra Kent's autobiography "Once a Dancer..."

I would be interested in other's feedback on that. I really was fascinated by her life's story.

I think her name is totally appropriate for her. It sounds like "allegro", which as a ballet term, means to me a certain freedom and exhilaration, which is how I see her as a person.

What was her dancing like?


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I like Allegra Kent's name, too. I always think of the poem "The Children's Hour" -- "grave Edith and laughing Allegra, and Alice {?} with golden hair." I may have the other names wrong, or switched, but I remember the "laughing Allegra."

I hope someone who saw her dance more than I did will respond. I saw her late in her career, and on several films and videos (there are several bits of her dancing on the Balanchine biography that PBS showed many years ago). She had quite a range, a bit quirky in "The Unanswered Question," beautiful in a tutu role in "Symphony in C" (second movement; that's on film), and mysterious and Romantic in "La Sonnambula." And always musical.

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the surprise, for me, tho i never saw her live, was her incredible ballon, her beautiful jump. you have to see her in the 'lost' movement in western symphony, or as dewdrop in the nutcracker. before that i'd always thought of her, of course as musical, as a dreamy legato dancer. her range was incredible and she was lovely!

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