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Bolshoi at Kenn.Center/DC, June 11-16

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I'm getting this thread started. The 'Big Bolshoi Show' opens tomorrow night (Tues, 11th) with a star-studded gala. Casting for tomorrow is up on the Kenn Cen's own website...but there is still a mystery about casting for the repertory performances (Swan Lake & Bayadere). Here's the Kenn Cen's link:


As everyone knows, it was completely sold out months ago...but there'll undoubtedly be reviews galore from alertniks among us. I'll cover tomorrow's opening gala + Wednesday's 'Swan Lake' & Thursday's 'Bayadere.'

- Jeannie [prayin' really hard for a performance with my 'Bolshoi King' TSISKARIDZE!] ;)

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Casting for this week:

Tues., June 11—Gala; see link in Jeannie's post above.

Wed. June 12—Swan Lake with Gracheva and Uvarov.

Thurs. June 13—Swan Lake with Antonicheva and Allash.

Fri. June 14—Bayadere with Volochkova, Alexandrova, and Ivanchenko.

Sat. mat. June 15—Swan Lake with Antonicheva and Tsiskaradze.

Sat. eve. June 15—Bayadere, same cast as Fri.

Sun. mat. June 16—Gracheva and either Allash or Uvaro, wasn't clear.

So, no Ananiashvili or Lunkina. From what I've read of Volochkova, she hardly seems the type for Nikiya, but I'll get a chance to see for myself.

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Thanks, Ari...YIKES! So the Thursday performance has been changed to SWAN LAKE, instead of BAYADERE (as announced & still posted on the Kenn Center site)? If so - that is rotten, as I & others planned to attend 'one-of-each' ballet. So now I'm suddenly stuck with two Swan Lakes & no Bayadere?

The absense of Lunkina is truly odd. Ananishvili is no surprise given her disfavor with current management of the Bolshoi.


On the other hand...Gracheva & Antonicheva - two great Bolshoi ballerinas who were kept 'away' during the last USA tour of the Bolshoi. At least common sense prevails on a few fronts. Good to see them here FINALLY.

p.s. - Your note on the Thursday 'Swan lake' reports Antonicheva & Allash...Allash is a woman (Maria Allash) who dances Gamzatti...not Prince Siegfried in SL!! :( So perhaps Thursday *is* a Bayadere, after all? If so, I wonder who is the male lead, assuming it's Antonicheva as Nikiya & Maria Allash as Gamzatti. I still have hope for Tsiskaridze... ;) but, if not, at least I'll see him at the gala.

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Sorry, Jeannie, it seems the Kennedy Center operator and I had a failure of communication. I called back and you're right, Thursday is Bayadere, with Antonicheva, Tsiskaridze, and Allash. And Sunday matinee is Bayadere, with Gracheva, Allash, and Uvarov.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So I will have *two* nights of Tsiskaridze (Gala + Baya). You just made my day, Ari. Woooo-hoooo!!!! :(

Of course, that's assuming that casting doesn't change & we all know what can happen. But I'm still thrilled for now.

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Here is a slightly more complete cast list for the Swan Lakes and Bayadères (of course, liable to change):

June 12: Swan Lake with Gracheva, Uvarov, Belogolovtsev.

June 13: La Bayadère with Antonicheva, Tsiskaridze, Allash.

June 14: Bayadere with Volochkova, Alexandrova, and Ivanchenko.

June 15 (mat): Swan Lake with Antonicheva, Tsiskaridze, Belogolovtsev.

June 15 (eve): La Bayadere with Volochkova, Ivanchenko, Belogolovtsev.

June 16: La Bayadère with Gracheva, Uvarov, Allash.

Svetlana Lunkina doesn't dance any of the leading roles in these ballets. She might still turn up in the supporting cast of Swan Lake, though.

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as AT might well confirm, gracheva has now been 'scratched' from the season's casting; antonicheva will dance both her already scheduled performances as well as those of gracheva. as of now the partners remain as already planned.

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Thanks, rg. Oh my - Antonicheva must have superhuman stamina. May the power be with her! Well, at least this is one fine Bolshoi ballerina who was kept off the May 2000 tour, who will finally get to perform in DC.

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