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The Diamond Project

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Tomorrow, May 5th, on A & E at 8am on "Breakfast With the Arts" they will be interviewing Albert Evans on the new piece he is choreographing for NYCB's current Diamond Project ... then tomorrow's Sunday, NY Times has a big article about The Diamond Project in general and finally (?) on May 30th at 8pm on PBS is Live from Lincoln Center - more of The Diamond Project!

Interesting don't you think? Most of the time there's practically nothing on TV about ballet. Is all this coverage solely because it is the 10th anniversary?

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Perhaps I should have posted this on a different section? Did anyone else get up nice and early today to watch this program, besides me?;) I had never had the opportunity to see The Nederland Sans Theater before - I enjoyed what I saw, but missed some of it. The first piece which I believe was called Symphony in D was a parody and seemed a bit long to me...kind of like a joke that just goes on too long.

I found the interview with Albert Evans interesting but way too short. He seems like a really nice guy - very humble and down to earth. They only showed a brief shot from the rehearsal of his piece, which was really too bad - because I think that would have been really interesting to see....You know, up close and personal to the creative moment and all. The interviewer was not the best... He kept asking him about why he didn't have a title to his new piece - and even though I found Albert Evan's response to make a great deal of sense, I don't think the interviewer got it at all. Evans said he couldn't possibly give it a title until he'd seen the whole piece performed! I really was disappointed that we weren't allowed to see more of their rehearsals because I think it would have really helped to understand the process.

Although this is the 10th anniversary, from what I believe I read in the NY Times today, the Diamond Project has not been seen every one of these past ten years at all, which seemed quite surprising to me. And I am still wondering why this project has gotten so much play this time around. Is it just the way it is?

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Anyone else notice that the host of the show did not seem to know the difference between ABT and SAB?

When Mr.Evans said he started to dance after seeing ABT's Nutcracker on TV, and eventually landed at SAB on scholarship, the host asked him if he ever had any other company in mind. I understand that many people not well versed in the arts have this confusion, but the host of "Breakfast with the Arts" should know better!


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I missed the Evans interview.

But with regards BW to why the Diamond Project isn't seen every year, I think it was set up to be a bi-annual event. I'd guess the extensive press coverage is due to the fact that 10 years is a milestone anniversary for anything.

Whether or not it warrants the attention is something else....

There's a review in today's NY Times that talks about a piece Miriam Mahdaviani had done early in the Diamond Project "Correlazione" and how it's a "stepping stone" piece in her development as a choreographer. I thought it was an interesting comment.

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