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  1. I would too if I got the chance!
  2. I saw him play the good guy and loved him in that, but WOW I think I would have rather seen him be evil! I enjoyed the PBS performance very much. I thought Angel looked wonderful. I only wish the times I have seen him live he looked that clean. But, I guess 3 chances to film plus extra filming of any needed footage helps. I loved Gillian in the Black Swan pas de deux, but not even close to when I saw her last Met Season. The little shortie "lederhosen" are very silly, but wow what quad muscles those gents have. All in all, I think it is just great to have classical ballet, especially ABT,
  3. I saw the Saturday 6/19 matinee, and must add the the kudos for Gillian Murphy. I am not a Swan Lake fan, but went to see Arron Scott in Neapolitan. Arron did a great job and it was exciting to watch this young man begin what I hope will be a long and wonderful profession career. His jumps and turns were crisp and thrilling. Gillian Murphy's performance in the Black Swan pas was jaw dropping, goose bump making, jelly leg amazing! When we left, my son asked why we were taking the elevator instead of walking and I had to confess my knees were so weak from watching Gillian, that I did not thi
  4. I saw the final 3 of 4 performances performed by American Ballet Theatre's Studio Company this past weekend at the new Skirball Center. All performances included Anthony Tudor's "Continuo" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Scott Rink. Evening shows also featured William Forsythe's "The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude" as well as "SpringScape" by Peter Quanz while the family matinee on Saturday included "The Nutcracker" pas de deux. * ABT's Studio Company has performed "Continuo" at a few different venues this fall. Staged by Donald Mahler, it had a wonderful silken softness and started off
  5. At our SAB parents orientation, we were told that 22 advanced SAB year round students were offered professional contracts. I was impressed! Miss
  6. I loved all the "Ramona the Pest" books when I was very young. Walter Farley and the happy Hollisters series. In my teen years, I moved on to Science Fiction in my teen years and love Madeline L'Engle, Robert Heinlein, Ursula K LeGuin, Phillip Klass and Isaac Asimov. Miss
  7. Time to reread my favorite book, Beach Music by Pat Conroy. I am currently reading the Natural History of the Rich. It is funny and insightful Miss
  8. I attended both Saturday performances, and was much impressed. I enjoyed it much better than last year, but I prefer the classics. I admit Chopiniana also made me sleepy, although I attributed this to the 5 hour car ride into the City. The Corp work was nice and the principals all did a nice job. The Flower Festival did indeed bring the house down in both shows. The chemistry between Barette Vance and Arron Scott was wonderful. They were playful and fun and let you know you could have fun watching ballet. Scott’s jumps and footwork were amazing and drew audible grasps from the audience. Wo
  9. Is the $150 per performance paid for each performance done or for the whole run? I know PBT uses students to fill out casts, but this sounds like more than that. I would be interested in hearing from any PBTer who can let us know how this is effecting the school. Miss
  10. Anyone know of a VHS/DVD of Taming of the Shrew? Thanks, Miss
  11. on the DVD version of Center Stage, you can listen to the director's comments while watching the movie. He talks about how they took the buildings around Lincoln Center and computer generated the ABA on the buildings and even were able to add the shots of the ballet classes looking from outside to add authenticity to the movie. miss
  12. My impressions of the Monday Gala performance: I felt the Men's technique was definitely cleaner than the ladies, but being the mother of a male dancer, I have a better understanding of men's technique. I really enjoyed the evening and my son left very inspired. It was quite amazing to see 9 very talented young men dance Les Gentilhommes. Benjamin Griffiths, Tyler Angle, Adrian Danchig-Warnig, Andrew Kaminski, Austin Laurent, Neil Marshall, Vincent Paridiso, Arron Scott, and Christian Tworzyanski did a wonderful job. I enjoyed Copland Portrait more than those who reviewed Saturday shows.
  13. Promoting men may be making room for some of these wonderful young men I read about in the workshop reviews. Miss....anxiously waiting a train ride to NYC to see the Workshop on Monday!
  14. NO BOOTS AND CAPE!!!!!! He already thinks he needs the dance boots he saw at the Sansha store last trip into the City and he has had a things for capes all his life! Thanks for the input. It may be a good excuse to get him real dress pants. He insists khakis count as dress pants, but I may drag him in to get something dressier. He needs to show his best buddy how proud we are of him. Miss
  15. Thanks Leigh great idea. Now my next question. How do people dress for the Monday Gala? I have a good idea for myself, but my 14 year old son is usually only happy in jeans or tights. Are Khakis and a dress shirt and tie appropriate or should I spring for a dress pants and a jacket? I don't want to look the Beverly Hillbillies go to the Ballet. But, here in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, I don't have alot of occaisions to dress my son up. so HELP!!!! Miss
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