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Wednesday, December 27


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Pointe shoes of an appropriate shade are still on short supply, say dancers of color.


“I learned pancaking from my DTH sisters at Harlem, where I’m from, and really for me it was a rite of passage, but I understand that it is also equally frustrating … to have to do it, it’s tedious,” she said.

The process can take several hours, and the cost of supplies adds up. Pointe shoes, which generally cost upwards of $100, only last for about 10 hours of dancing, Taylor Key said. The makeup makes the shoes die, or wear down, faster, she added.


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A review of the Australian Ballet by Ilona Landgraf in her blog, "Landgraf on Dance.


It’s no secret that the country of Germany is in descent. Of the various aspects that add to the misery, one is that work has lost its intrinsic value in many classes of German society. Matters are different in the ballet world though. The Australian Ballet, for example, delivered high quality throughout the year. Earlier this December, the company’s artistic director, David Hallberg, honored the achievements of his dancers. In a sweeping series of promotions, sixteen dancers climbed the ranks. Their joy was infectious. Each promotee knows that a higher rank bestows higher expectations, and each one seemed to wholeheartedly embrace the new challenge.


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