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Compagnie Kafig at the Kennedy Center

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The French hip hop (but not exactly what you think of when you think of hip hop) dance company Compagnie Kafig was at the Kennedy Center for 3 days this week, performing their latest work, Pixel. The performance is rather hard to describe. Much of the movement consisted of hip hop dance techniques, though there were a couple of circus-type performers, including a contortionist, and a roller blade dancer, yet it was anything but a conventional hip hop dance performance. It was performed to music that may or may not meet the definition of classical music, but it certainly bore no resemblance to the music that is normally associated with hip hop dance. There were slow, dramatic sections, again unlike stereotypical hip hop dancing, and ensemble dancing. The choreography was highly formalized in the manner of ballet or modern dance rather than being improvisational. And then there was the lighting. I can't even begin to describe the lighting effects. If you're interested, use Google to find some YouTube videos (the trailer for their Kennedy Center is good, but I don't know how much longer it will be available).

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