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Hello! My name is Raymond Boucher.

I am an aspiring ballet student and ballet scholar/researcher, and I have a dream of someday choreographing my own ballet productions and dancing major roles in ballets.

I was first introduced to ballet when I saw the 2016/2017 animated movie Ballerina (a.k.a. Leap!), which inspired me to try dancing and I've been learning ballet for close to 4 and a half years now. The movie is very positive/encouraging and a lot of fun, I like to watch it to inspire myself to do well in my interests.

My favorite ballets + the ballets I've had the most exposure to and interest in include Tchaikovsky's ballets (NutcrackerSleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake), CoppéliaCinderellaLa Bayadère, and Spartacus (Grigorovich). I like to listen to ballet music often, watch various versions of ballets, and compare music orders between different productions of the same ballet. In addition I also like to brainstorm ballet production concepts of my own, some are more traditional, others are more radical and in some ways kind of avant-garde. I also like to support other local/touring ballet companies by going to their performances. Seeing ballet on the screen is one thing, but seeing the full stage and choreography with my own eyes - it's truly breathtaking.

That's all I'll say for now. Feel free to share any comments, thoughts, questions, etc., whatever comes to mind.

Thank you!

Edited by Ray Boucher
I changed one word in one of my paragraphs - "familiar" to "traditional".
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Greetings, Mr. Boucher, and welcome to the board!

Best wishes to you and I hope you make progress.


Seeing ballet on the screen is one thing,but seeing the full stage and choreography with my own eyes - it's truly breathtaking.

Yes, indeed!

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