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Balanchine's ca. 1938 Address in Hollywood?

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There are many references--seemingly largely copied from one another--to Balanchine renting a "white two-story house with 'Kolya', Nicholas Kopeikine, his 'rehearsal pianist and lifelong colleague', on North Fairfax Avenue not far from Hollywood Boulevard" (as Wikipedia has it); but after lengthy efforts I have not been able to pin down the precise address.  Can anyone find that address?  Thanks!

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None of the online Los Angeles telephone directories at the Los Angeles public library website seem to have a Balanchine or Kopeikine listing, but the reference desk might be able to help you by some other means.

And the Margaret Herrick library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may have some specialist directories. They do have an intriguing listing in their Lady in the Dark file that could possibly yield an address:


Carbon of a letter from William Dozier to Jacob Karp outlining the deal with Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, August 24, 1942; outline of deal with George Balanchine, December 9, 1942

A friend in the Stravinsky circle (her husband was a Russian ex-patriot who left during the Revolution) said Balanchine and Maria Tallchief would regularly visit (and stay at?) the Stravinskys' house on North Wetherly in the later forties and fifties. I begged her for information but she hadn't been interested in Balanchine's work, so she didn't notice much. Said he was fairly quiet.


Please let us know what you find out.

Added: would the NYPL Robbins Dance Division have 1940s letters to or from GB in Hollywood?

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