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Attire for evening performance?

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Hope this is OK to ask here—is wearing a tuxedo to a Saturday evening performance of the Royal Ballet something anyone does? Or is over-dressed? I’ve only seen RB in London a few times as I live in NY and I can’t remember how dressed up men were there.

Context: My husband and I are visiting from New York and will be seeing Osipova and Hallberg dance R+J on Saturday night. He has to pack a tuxedo for Glyndebourne and is wondering if he can also wear his tux for the RB performance. He wouldn’t want to be the only, or nearly only, man there in a tuxedo. 

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I would say 'if you want to go ahead' ... but don't feel obliged.  Of course it depends where you are sitting .... but even in the centre of the Grand Tier I think you might - just might - be the only ones in true evening dress - especially as the weather is said (well, according to the BBC) to be fine.   If you go 'smart casual' I'm certain you will fit right in.  

Glyndebourne is, of course, an entirely different cup of tea nowadays :)


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In the past year or so I've seen more men in evening dress at ROH than I've seen in years, I've even spotted a few (very young) men in tuxedos sitting in the upper slips, which is a bit of a first.  Although I would hate to see a dress code imposed, last year I actually saw a bloke in a striped Rugby shirt and shorts sitting in the front stalls.  In my view shorts are for the sports field and the beach and nowhere else.  I very much welcome seeing your husband in evening dress, I'm all for raising the tone of the place.

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13 hours ago, Leah said:

Sorry if this is too off-topic, but I'm going to Glyndebourne for the first time this summer. I was planning on wearing a nice summer dress, but should I go for black tie instead?

Leah, I'm sure your nice summer dress will go down a treat :) 

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