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The Royal Ballet

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While my daughter and I were in London last week, we were lucky enough to get tickets for Giselle at the Royal Opera House. Wow, What a performance it was , not only for a 13 year old awe-struck dancer, but also for me. Tamara Rojo and Angel Corella were wonderful in the lead roles. Tamara's portralyal of Giselle was that of pure sweetness and innocence, and Angel was strong in his role of Albrecht, and so hopelessly in love with Giselle. As I am not technically versed in ballet, I can only tell you that it was one of the most truly romantic ballets that I have seen. I was so swept up in the emotion of the story that my eyes never left the stage.

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Liz's mom - it sounds wonderful! Had you ever seen Giselle before, if so, it would be interesting to hear a comparison...just form your point of view - how it made you feel versus another version. By the way, how was Tamara Rojo in the "mad" scene? Did she play it as though she'd totally lost her mind - or was she more the heart broken type?

I would also like to know how the "wilies" or "wylies" were portrayed? :( Who played Myrtha?! :)

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BW, No, I had not seen Giselle before, this was my first time. To answer your questions, Tamara 's portrayal of Giselle gone mad was just that. She wasn't mearly a heart broken character, she had complelty lost her mind.One could sense that a tragedy was forthcoming without knowing the story. Zeniada Yanowsky danced Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, she was hypnotizing in the role, and the power she posessed over both Albrecht and Hilarion as they danced to exhaustion was relentless. The corp who danced the wilis were equally enchanting in their role. Their slow ghostly movements dew me right into their spiritual world, it was wonderful!

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Liz's mom,

I've recently seen Giselle at the ROH too. I also saw the same cast. I thought it was amazing, i think Tamara is absolutely amazing!!! Angel is gorgeous and Alina is just perfect! I really hope that some day i grow up to be like either Tamara or Alina, they are my two favourite dancers. Thanks for sharing that with us!!!


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Twinkle_RBS_gal, thank you for writing too! May this be the second of many more posts yet to come!:)

Do you attend the Royal Ballet regularly? I've never been, so I'm quite envious of you and Liz's mom!:(

I would love to hear more about your reasons for loving it so much - can you tell us which were your favorite parts in Giselle and why you felt that way?

By reading what you and Liz's mom have written, it helps me to be transported back to that village where Giselle lived and danced and fell in love with Albrecht only to find he was not as "truthful" as he could have been! :)

Would you say that the staging of the ballet was "traditional" in its approach?

I am so glad you posted your comments here!

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Thanks for your replies:) BW, I hope to post many more!:( You're all so nice here, and I'm so glad that I found this site!!

Yes, as I'm at the Royal Ballet School, we go to see the company perform quite a lot, so it's really good. The other day we even went to watch a dress rehearsal of " In the middle somewhat elevated " and various othet things. We got to see, Zeneida, Alina, Tamara, Darcey, Johnny Cope, Natasha Oughtred, Jamie Tapper, Laura Morera, gosh, theres too many people to remember, but all I can say is that it was brilliant.:)

hope to hear from you all soon!


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Twinkle_RBS_gal, it sounds to me at though you are really enjoying your time at the Royal Ballet School.:) I hope you will look around this board and find all sorts of other subjects that interest you. As I am not a regular reader of the Young Dancers, etc., sections I can't say how many others might be posting here from your country, let alone your school, but I can say that everyone will be very interested to hear from you and that they'll be full of questions as well!:cool:

I hope that both you and Liz's mom will not forget to take a look at and post on the Recent Performances section on Ballet Talk and that you will think about posting some of your thoughts there, as well!

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