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Suggestions for choosing a performance of Giselle

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Thank you cubanmiamiboy, NinaFan, CharlieH, angelica and canbelto. Last Thursday, immediately after making up my mind, I purchased a ticket for the Copeland-Cornejo-Abrera performance. I guess there will be pros and cons, as so often happens with most decisions in everyday life. 

angelica, I appreciate your suggestion, but I will be in NYC from Tuesday morning to Saturday evening. I can't afford having an afternoon off. 

In any case, I think it will be a great experience. In my case, it won't be just seeing Copeland's Giselle or Cornejo's Albrecht. I think the corps, especially in the second act, will be a treat!

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eduardo - I agree, the corps in the second act should be gorgeous as will Cornejo and Abrera.  And as angelica says, maybe Copeland will surprise us all.  

It's wonderful that you are even able to fit a performance into your work schedule.   Oh, and remember to watch those gorgeous chandeliers as they rise to the top right before the performance.  The first time I saw it I was in awe.  Have a great time!

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Thank you, NinaFan!

To be 100% honest, I managed to schedule my trip for that week taking into account the all Robbins performances across the plaza. So in this case, having the chance to see ABT is a bonus.

Definitely agree about the chandeliers. It's a pity that many new opera productions don't use the golden curtain anymore, and the chandeliers are up there when you enter the house.

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