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  1. You're right. I just associated the name of Ulrica with American version of Ballo. Probably because in Sweden the character is called Madame Arvidson, but I think her first name is still Ulrica. I have never read the libretto of the Sweden version. Does it say "sangue de' negri"?
  2. Ulrica, from Un ballo in maschera, is black. It is not clear enough whether she's American.
  3. According to the website, November 12: https://www.sfballet.org/visit/2020-season-tickets 👉 Single Tickets Tickets for Individual Performances — On Sale November 12, 2019
  4. Disclaimer: I am also a Balanchine fan, despite the fact that I'm far from having seen all of his ballets. So far, in this order: The four temperaments (that's what I'd bring to the desert island), closely followed by Serenade. After those I love Monumentum/Movements, Agon and the fifth place probably goes to Stars & Stripes.
  5. I do understand that you may forget to turn off your mobile. It can happen to anyone for several reasons. But texting or talking during a performance or concert is something I really don't get. In the first place, why are you attending if you are more interested in something else? And in case it's an emergency, just leave the place and talk/text as much as needed. Not to mention how much you disturb those people around you.
  6. My pleasure. I think you're spot on, since she says something like "A couple of years ago I said to myself: I'm thirty; if I don't dance the repertoire ballets now, it will never happen" (free translation by myself). Here's the link to the short interview. Of course, Spanish only: https://www.clarin.com/espectaculos/teatro/ana-sophia-scheller-retrato-bailarina-itinerante_0_WHDP8J4Zp.html
  7. From what I read in a local newspaper here in Buenos Aires, she's joining the National Ballet of Ukraine. One of her goals is to dance the "big classics of the repertoire". I guess she plans to do so there.
  8. This article https://www.lanacion.com.ar/espectaculos/danza/misty-copeland-no-bailara-teatro-colon-nid2278741 mentions "an old injury in her tibia". No further details.
  9. I guess this is a very basic question, but honestly I have no idea about how this works in the ballet world. Is it usual that a guest dancer should know the part he/she will have to perform? Or is it possible that he/she just joins the company and learns the role with the choreographer or ballet master? Perhaps there are different possibilities and that's part of the contract they sign? Of course, I'm not thinking of every little detail, but the choreography/steps, generally speaking. It may be important in cases like this, since I understand that the Schneitzhoeffer-Lacotte Sylphide is not a staple in the usual repertoire, at least not as much as the Lovenskjold-Bournonville
  10. I can't seriously say anything about the technical demands of different roles since I lack the necessary knowledge. But imho this sylph is a lot of work. Pas de trois, including variation and coda, in Act I; pas de deux and two variations in Act II and more dancing along both acts. I guess this is no news for most forum members, but just in case, you can see this ballet performed by POB (starring Aurelie Dupont) in youtube.
  11. Misty Copeland will not dance in the current run of La Sylphide. The official announcement issued by Teatro Colón quotes Gilda Sqare as Misty's manager stating that she is injured and needs medical treatment. Herman Cornejo is still scheduled for Friday and Sunday performances partnering Macarena Giménez, a member of the Teatro Colon resident company.
  12. Thank you Josette! Something must have gone wrong. She stayed there for just one season...
  13. I apologize for having no idea how to reproduce an instagram post here, but this is what I just read in A.S.Scheller's instagram: New news soon!!Former principal with San Francisco Ballet and principal with New York City Ballet If I understand that correctly, she already is a "former principal with San Francisco Ballet". She's not listed anymore in the SFBallet website as a principal dancer either.
  14. Hello everyone from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you can imagine, we don't usually see any news about NYCB in local newspapers. For instance, I don't recall having read anything when Argentina born A.S.Scheller became a principal dancer in the company. But this issue is in the main newspapers here. The info seems to be quite unaccurate, though (compared to what I've been reading here). Did you say anything about bad publicity? Spanish only, of course: https://www.lanacion.com.ar/2169587-escandalo-ballet-nueva-york-exbailarina-demanda-institucion https://www.clarin.com/sociedad/escandalo-ballet-nueva-york-bailarina-denuncio-ex-autoridades-pornovenganza_0_B1P2l1kd7.html
  15. Thank you abatt! Now that you mention 360 degrees I remember the Walpurgis variation, with 360 hops at the beginning, a diagonal in the middle and some more hops at the end, mixed with pirouettes. No more off topic, I promese.
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