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What great news that Gonzalo Garcia is to be promoted to Principal dancer! I've always enjoyed his fast turns and high yet light jumps ... but my favorite thing about him is that he seems to enjoy it so much. It looks like he is both truly dancing for himself and for the audience, which makes it wonderful.

I remember seeing him a few years ago in The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, and was totally wowed. There was so much raw energy. This season I last saw him in Dances at a Gathering. He was the Man in Brown, the one who touches the ground at the very end. Boy was this different from Vertiginous type dancing, but no less exciting. He displayed so much sensitivity, which was perfect for Dances. I hope to see him dance again later this season.

Now I'm curious as to who else may be promoted ... or brought in?! :)

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Thanks for the news, Susan! I admired Garcia's Prodigal Son very much. Powerful dancing, but also very committed. He seemed to be living the role rather than acting it -- it was as though he didn't know what would come next, and that's a very rare quality.

This is the season of announcements -- dancers coming in, dancers leaving. It's likely there will be new dancers, in light of recent departures, so we'll probably be hearing something soon.

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I saw him in Prodigal Son and he didn't dance the son, he WAS the son. Yuan Yuan Tan by the way was an icy, brazen, and truly diabolical Siren. One of the better live performances I've seen thus far. I remember seeing him in a demi-solo before he had even been added to the roster and asking myself who he was and where he came from. I found out pretty quickly. :)

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Linsusanr , I totally agree with you about Dances at a Gathering..... He's one of those dancers it's hard to imagine anybody not liking -- it's like hte sunrise, how could anybody not like that....

I hope can see him in Mark Morris's a Garden this week -- they announce casting on the web-site, www.sfb.org -- he's very delicate and poetic in that section to the celesta music....

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