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  1. I was looking for this book too -- guess where I found it? I got it at my local library! I didn't expect to find it there, but I checked it out and had a wonderful time reading it. Don't hesitate to call your local libraries to see whether it is in their catalog, you might be surprised. Good luck!
  2. My friend is back from the competition now and she said at least her music tape didn't get messed up during her variation! She was very positive about the whole thing but did mention that it was extremely tiring -- mostly due to the fact that schedules changed constantly. Fortunately she seemed quite happy with the experience of having gone to NYC and danced.
  3. After reading the SF Chronicle article by Octavio Roca discussing the season gone by (check the Sunday links), I had some thoughts too! I didn't think Jewels was a disappointment at all! In fact, both times I saw it (in one week) the audience was ecstatic. I do agree that the corps was a wee bit shaky at certain moments, but the sum of the whole was quite delicious. I do agree that 'Later' and 'Continuum' weren't the best and brightest, although I really did enjoy seeing Ms. Berman develop 'Later' into something more than it was originally. I just didn't take to 'Continuum' much at all
  4. Yes, Ms. Schofield is dancing wonderfully at SFB! She danced Liberty Bell for Stars and Stripes at SFB's opening night gala. I just saw her last Friday in Mark Morris' Sandpaper Ballet. She was very charming as one of the love-besotted trio of gals in what I call the "south of the border" number
  5. I just thought I'd add that "Mad" King Ludwig of Bavaria had a very special affinity with swans, which explains a bit about Lohengrin -- Ludwig was Wagner's major benefactor. If you see Ludwig's various castles (or at least photos of them), there are swan motifs here and there. I believe Neuschwanstein has some depictions of the scene in Lohengrin which was described earlier, and also some figurines. For Ludwig, at least, the Swan and Lily were symbols of purity, serenity, and aesthetic beauty. It is a shame that he did not have that peace in his actual life.
  6. On Friday (4/26) I saw Yuri Possokhov's "Damned" with Joanna Berman dancing Medea and Roman Rykine as Jason. I was very impressed with the choreography, it really gave Ms. Berman a chance to dance and act. Yuan Yuan Tan was the Princess, and was more than exquisite as usual. I really enjoyed the corps' choreography, however. The men and women moved in flocks and the masks lent a very tribal feel to the whole thing. There was one part where all the men were poised as if to strike down the women with invisible weapons, which was rather frightening especially since Medea's two little sons ca
  7. Hi Leigh, I see what you're saying! I should have elaborated a bit on what I really meant ... I think it would be compelling to see men dance a more "feminine" role not in the traditional women's costumes. I'd like to see something serious and gutsy, something that combines the grace and strength of pointework and the power and masculinity of the dancers. They would still be dancing as men, without wigs and in men's clothing. I think it would be tremendously interesting! Does this make any sense? (I hope I don't sound too weird!)
  8. Does anyone have any idea as to where Megan Pepin went? Thanks!
  9. Fernando was born in Madrid, Spain, and danced with the Classical Ballet of Barcelona, Basel Ballet, and Ballet L'Opera de Nice before joining the Trocks. He says the Trocks is where he wants to stay until he retires! He must really love it. Previously, he'd performed as a woman in Midsummer Night's Dream for Basel Ballet, en pointe at his request! He lives in Queens now. I don't know whether he performs elsewhere ... it'd be great to see him guesting in other companies, though. I really like his dancing and I think it's neat that he and Angel look alike! He pulls off some dazzlin
  10. It was between Diaghilev and Bournonville, but I picked Bournonville ... never get to see enough of his work! Given the chance I would definitely see both, just to see Spectre de la Rose as well. At this point my favorite version of that is Nureyev's.
  11. It was between Diaghilev and Bournonville, but I picked Bournonville ... never get to see enough of his work! Given the chance I would definitely see both, just to see Spectre de la Rose as well. At this point my favorite version of that is Nureyev's.
  12. I love the Trocks! I do enjoy the hilarity of their little jokes and such, but what I truly love is their wonderful dancing. I find myself wishing a lot of times that they would once in a while (or more often) ditch the silly parts and dance it even more seriously. I think that's why my favorite was the Corsaire pas de deux. I would love to see an all-male ballet company dance something in all seriousness, and for people to really appreciate it for what it is! I feel that it doesn't always have to be made funny when there are men dancing en pointe. I once saw a few photographs of one of
  13. Thanks, rg, for all the information! I checked the PBS listings for the San Francisco station and the NYCB telecast was *not listed*! I checked some surrounding dates, no trace of the program ... I emailed the local station last week but have not yet heard a response. Does anyone know whether this will only air in the NYC region? I will be so upset if we can't get it in SF. It looks like the Antiques Roadshow (which seems to be on every night) just can't be sacrificed!
  14. Wow! I didn't know her final performance was coming up soon ... thanks for the notice. I'm so sad, since I won't be able to go out to NYC and see her perform at least once with NYCB! I hope some of you out there get to see her in Vienna Waltzes, that's one of my all-time favorites. Does anyone know whether she'll be in the Live from Lincoln Center broadcast that's going out in May? (I've only heard about this broadcast so I'm not sure whether it's for real...)
  15. I attended the "Meet the Artist" interview before the performance this past Friday, and had the chance to hear Vanessa Zahorian tell us a little about herself. It was her 23rd birthday that day, and everyone clapped for her when it was announced that she was being promoted to Principal Dancer. I am happy to hear it, since she really is quite a fearless dancer, with such great turns. I wish I was a natural turner! Apparently she had studied for a year with the Kirov, and it did her well. It's been sad that we are losing some of our principals, but the recent promotions are well deserved.
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