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What a day yesterday! Both the Academy Awards and BalletAlert had completely new looks. The new theater for the Oscars certainly looked good on television. Why it should result in the longest Oscar program in history is another question. BalletAlert's new look is extremely pleasing, too, although it's taking me a while to figure out how things work on it. My problem is that whenever anyone tries to explain computer things to me, even the estimable Alexandra (or "at" as she is apparently known now), my eyes glaze over (mego in computer talk). Be that as it may, I'm very happy this website exists and look forward someday to a lifetime achievement award.

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Thanks, FF :D I was too tired to stay up for the Oscars. The only dancing I saw was one Pepsi (?) commercial. It wasn't ballet, but they had a lot of energy and long legs :)

Thanks for your comments on the site. It works pretty much the same as the last board -- different colors, a few things in different places (ah, there's the problem).

There are two views of the forums, which can cause confusion. One just lists the main forums, and the other lists all the forums and their subforums -- that can be pretty long, which is why we went to the short list. But both are there, because different people like different things.

The site's a bit young for a lifetime achievement award -- thank you -- it's not quite four years old. It's fun to think about what it might be in another four years :)

(I'm still Alexandra -- I wasn't trying to confuse people. I just was tired of the long name and wanted something shorter to type.)

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