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Colorado Ballet 2017-18 season

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6 hours ago, California said:

I wish ABT would consider some of their practices. At Colorado Ballet, subscribers get 25% off all subscription tickets AND all additional tickets for the rest of the season. They also use "dynamic pricing," as you see discussed in the article. I don't see many empty seats, even though they are in a large Opera House, seating 2225. https://www.denvercenter.org/plan-your-visit/theatres-seating/the-ellie-caulkins-opera-house



I wonder what kind of requirements ABT has to Lincoln Center in its ticketing/pricing.  Just speculating here, but I wonder if there are any standard obligations involved in their contract.

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Sharon Wehner, who has been with Colorado Ballet for 20 years, just announced her retirement at the end of the 2017-18 season:



Valerie Madonia just left as director of the Academy and is now back in Telluride. The Telluride Arts site posted a very nice tribute to her:


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7 hours ago, YouOverThere said:

Last 4 performances of Dracula are essentially sold out!


So were the first four last weekend. I had never seen it before and found it interesting and worthwhile: very theatrical, lots of special effects, lavish sets and costumes, and challenging choreography. This version goes back almost two decades and is performed by a lot of regional companies. If it means the company ends the year in the black, I'm good with it!


When people complain about Dracula, I wonder how they felt about the Royal Ballet's expensive Frankenstein last year with decidedly mixed reviews, co-produced with San Francisco Ballet. I didn't bother seeing that one. 

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8 hours ago, YouOverThere said:

This season was the final one for Sharon Wehner (her 21st season). She was the last remaining dancer who had a significant role in the company when I first started watching. 

She has been in great form all season and it's sad to see her retiring. At a fundraiser "Fancy Footwork" that the dancers did last week at the studios to raise funds for their Career Transition Fund, Wehner did the final pas de deux from Manon with Yosvani Ramos and it was stunning. He performed this with Australia Ballet long ago, but Manon is not a ballet Colorado Ballet has ever done. 

I saw the final performances of the season at the Newman Center. They did Tharp's Brief Fling, which is spectacular, and I'd love to see it again. A real work-out for the dancers and they were superb. They also did Tudor's Pillar of Fire and Val Caniparoli's In Pieces. Impressive program. This was their last program at the Newman Center, a relief to some of us. It's a pain to get to the University of Denver, although it's a lovely theater with nice sight lines. Everything next year is at the historic Ellie Caulkins Opera House in downtown Denver.

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