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Peter Martins



  1. 1. Peter Martins

    • Superb. Nobody could do a better job.
    • Very good. He's in an impossible position and he's made the most of it.
    • Adequate. Who else is there?
    • Not good. I don't like the direction in which the company is going.
    • Lousy. The company is losing ground.

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There's no artistic director here who's been the subject of more discussion than Mr. Martins. I'd like to get the sense of the board on his direction. Often posts are from a few deeply committed or partisan voices, but anonymous polls can give a better sense of what the general perception is.

This poll will be up for two weeks. (But you can only vote once.) Only registered members can vote in polls.

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Now, now, Ari. The last time you voted, was there an option for: "Gosh, I wish Joe had Bob's tax policies or Bob had Joe's brains." The fun, or torture, of polls is that you can only pick from the options offered :D

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I think Mr B wanted a choreographer to administer the company and that is why he left it in PM's hands. I gather that Robbins didn't want the job. I think he was wprried that if just a dancer ran the show it would turn into a museum which is exactly what he didn't want to happen. On those grounds I give PM very high marks for keeping the company exciting even after 20 years. My major fault with him is not finding a place for Suzanne Farrell to be with the company in some capacity. So I put him in the second category. But I also can't think of anyone who would have been chosen 20 years ago who would have kept the company as exciting as it is today where it showcases the Balanchine and Robbins repertoire and creates exciting new ballets as well.

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