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Hans van Manen - 1982 interview

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An interview with van Manen by the late Horst Koegler, from Ilona Landgraf's invaluable blog.



Koegler: Did it have a Dutch topic as well? Were you asked to choreograph about cheese?


van Manen: I leave that to the Swiss [laughter, applause]. No, there was no specific Dutch topic. It slightly resembled West Side Story and I can show by the date of the premiere that I hadn’t yet seen West Side Story. But I was always very enthusiastic about Robbins, back then even more than about Balanchine. Today it’s Balanchine. Back then Roland Petit’s Ballet des Champs-Élysées influenced me, too. In fact, shortly after the war, France was a source of inspiration. Balanchine, as well as American Ballet Theatre, had already been in Holland. I had seen them all.


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