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Discovering "Real" Ballet ..... in Russia


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27 minutes ago, Mashinka said:


Those three should indeed be principals, they are the neglected Three Graces of the company.


Glad others feel the same way! They seem like the work horses of the company. I think I like Novikova's dancing the best of the three, but I have a soft spot for Kolegova because of her incredible beauty.

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Spasiba Balshoy Birdsall and Mashinka !  Your inputs have sort of strengthened my resolve to concentrate more

on Mariinsky in the new year. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous posts as a plus point for the Marii : one

can see two different ballets over two nights quite frequently while this is never the case at the Balshoy as they

usually stage a single ballet over five days Wed to Sun. This year is a special case at Balshoy as it is Grigarovich

jubilee year and they are staging all his works in 2-3 night episodes with repeats couple of months apart. Still one

cannot see two ballets over two nights.


Have checked my "CV" above and I have seen Kolegova as Medora last year but must confess I cannot single her

out, only recall that it was an excellent performance overall. Was the first time I ever set foot at the Marii and I was

sort of preoccupied with seeing Lapatkina as Nikiya the next evening, the second time I would be seeing her live

after 20 years. I had no great interest in ballet when I had seen her first time as Odette/Odile in London in 1997.

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