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How Can I Change the Default "Quick" Search? (ex: Unread Content)


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The "quick" search appears in the top right and bottom right of the site:


Quick Search Default.png


Quick Search Default Footer.png

The default "quick" search is the system-defined "Unread Content"  unless it is changed.

To change the default "quick" search:

1. From the main menu, click the "Content" tab > "My Activity Streams" (down arrow).

2. Select the Default or Custom stream you want to be your default.

List of Streams.png

3. Click the checkmark in the gray circle that appears to the right of the stream name:

Change Default Stream.png

4. The circle will turn green to note that this is the default stream, and the new stream will display as the "quick" search default at the top and the bottom of the screen:

New Default Top.png

New Default Bottom.png

You can edit or delete any Custom stream.  (You cannot delete or edit a Default stream.)

  • If you delete your default stream, the "quick" default will be removed, until you select another stream to be the default.


"My Unread Content" is my current default, which I delete by clicking the little garbage can icon to the right of the stream name (and then confirming that I want to delete it):

Current Default to Delete.png

Since I deleted the default search, no "quick" default link appears at the top or bottom, i.e., the software does not choose a default with which to replace it:

No Quick Default Top.png

No Quick Default Bottom.png

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