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Teshigawara's Sacre - for Andrei

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Hi Andrei,

I thought it better to start a new topic than to swith from Raymonda to Sacre... Although this is not a really recent performance... It's been a while since I saw it last time, so just a few notes - I guess there MUST be some reviews of it, but cannot think ad hoc where to find them... It's a very abstract ballet, men in black (velvet?), one girl in shorts and white top (the sacre?) - starting with one man standing in the middle of the stage, moving slowly -almost like an animal (this is Amilcar's part). As the music becomes stronger, more dancers appear - almost everyone has his or her solo, all movements look as if they come from deep within the dancers. I found it rather difficult to watch, especially in a big theatre where the distance is quite big, whereas the dancers love(d) it, plus when I saw it from one of the front rows, I really got into it.

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