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  1. It's been more than two weeks now, but still I would like to post a few notes on this programme I saw in Stuttgart (matinee and evening performance). The triple bill consists of following ballets: 1) Symphony in C (Balanchine) 2) Pierrot Lunaire (Tetley) 3) The Concert (Robbins) I assume many professional critics have written about it, but most reviews I could find are in German only - and since it is such an American programme (and since I loved it...), here are my comments: It is such a great mixture - the neoclassical "Symphony", then the "toughest bit" in the middle, and for the fina
  2. Estelle, thank you so much for this quick reply! I will check the link... and then hopefully have time for the review...;)
  3. Yesterday I watched Robbins' "The Concert" in Stuttgart - and although they have really good and informative brochures, I missed any information about the music, apart from that it is Chopin. So I was left sitting in the auditorium trying to figure out the various hints and quotes, but not very successfully, I am afraid. If anyone could help me here, I'd be very glad! (This was part of an interesting Triple Bill, starting with Symphony in C and Pierrot Lunaire - will try to post a review when I find some time! - Just one note: Lucky Londoners to get Robert Tewsley at the Royal - I found his
  4. Dear Alexandra, thanks for searching for me!! I won't have much time there anyway, attending a trade show, but... better be prepared/informed.... Sonja
  5. Seeming unable to track a useful link in the web - maybe someone can help me out: I will be in Auckland middle of May and was hoping to check for any theatre/ballet/dance performances in advance. So... if anyone could provide me a link or give me any information, this would be greatly appreciated!! (Will be there around 16-24 May) Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks so much for the detailed reviews - makes me feel almost as if I had been in the theatre as well!!
  7. Tatsu, thanks for your report! Glad you enjoyed the performances - and your feeling about Lendvai/Malakhov in R&J is exactly the same I had when I saw them in "Lady of the Camellias". (I have, however, seen Yseult Lendvai with other partners, and then I thought their rapport was much better....)
  8. Any reviews, please? I've read they are bringing some of their "classics"... Thanks in advance!!
  9. ..with a new cast in Munich (01.02.02) The "Shrew" in Munich has been associated for years now with the cast Judith Turos / Kirill Melnikov - both great actors and a great pairing, maybe to some of you known from their guesting in New York years ago, when they received praise for their Tatiana and Onegin. Judith Turos has even been compared to Marcia Haydee and been acclaimed by some critics to match the original interpretation - not only because she looks quite a lot like Haydee, but also for the fire and depth of her characterization of Kate. And it's amazing how good she is - think she mu
  10. THANK YOU! PS: Found a link (German speaking) with photograph: http://www2.merkur-online.de/magazin/magaz...dnr=11965968000 [ February 01, 2002: Message edited by: Sonja ]
  11. "The Taming of the Shrew", 30.01.2002 Last night saw the third masterclass given at Bavarian State Ballet - this one was sold out even quicker than the ones before, and again the studio was packed with ballet enthusiasts. (I am always wondering how the dancers find enough air to breathe in such an atmosphere!) Marcia Haydée rehearsed Lisa-Maree Cullum and Alen Bottaini, both Munich first soloists who have not danced in this ballet yet and are going to have their first night tomorrow. I think I have rarely before laughed and learnt as much as in these 90 minutes - it was a fantastic evening,
  12. Mme. Hermine, thanks for this quick reply that sheds already a bit of light onto the video. So... I am optimistic I will also find out the rest - Malakhov looks quite young, but Saidakova is still quite young, I think, so this is another riddle...
  13. A friend of mine has bought a 65 min Hamlet video, starring Nadia Saidakova and Vladimir Malakhov - but since EVERYTHING on the tape is written in cyrillic, we have not been able to find out a) where this was filmed B) when it was filmed c) who are the other dancers on the video? Any additional information would be extremely welcome - thanks in advance! Sonja
  14. Sonja


    I would guess it's most probably the Grand Pas Hongrois (that is the wedding scene), or parts of it. In the original (?) version there is also a "danse d'enfants" for the quite little ones, so this part is pretty varied... AND the Grand Pas is often performed separately, as far as I know - similar to the Kingdom of Shades of La Bayadere.
  15. Thanks for your kind words - I am always a bit worried because as soon as I start to think of it, I get carried away and write and write... Next Munich masterclass will be end of January, with Marcia Haydee coaching for "Taming of the Shrew" - and I guess there will be something in it as well... [ December 19, 2001: Message edited by: Sonja ]
  16. Dancers: Lisa-Maree Cullum (Manon) and Oliver Wehe (Des Grieux) Second Masterclass in Munich - again sold out, and very very interesting. I try to quote Dame Antoinette Sibley as much as possible as she gave such vivid explanations - I have never seen her on stage, but wish now I had, as she created such a special atmosphere in this rehearsal! Wearing medium height slippers, she fully danced out some steps, marked others, but really swirled around the studio! Very British (if I may say so), with some understatement and a good sense of humour. She began with a "charming anecdote" of how she l
  17. Francoise, I am glad you liked Maria and Alen when they danced in Paris! I really like both of them. Unfortunately, Maria Eichwald has been injured quite a lot - stress fractures, I guess, but in autumn she broke her foot in a slide in the coda of "In the night" - this was only discovered quite late as the foot was swollen badly, so not treated (I do not know enough about medicine to judge, but feel really sorry for her!) and has been totally off for more than two months now! Yesterday I heard she has only recently started to take class again, so she probably won't be back on stage before Feb
  18. Andrei, I have started a separate topic re. your question. Back to Raymonda - Thursday night saw an entirely new cast, and I think it was a different ballet! Raymonda was Barbara Kohoutkova - not entirely as light as Lisa-Maree Cullum, but portraying a young woman who went through some really heartbreaking experience very credibly. Her Jean was Lukas Slavicky, also from Czech Republic - he's only about 21? 22?, and he looked also credible in this role - bit like a spoiled young man who focusses on his "career" and is going to marry for social reasons. Well, with these two dancers, Barra's "re
  19. Hi Andrei, I thought it better to start a new topic than to swith from Raymonda to Sacre... Although this is not a really recent performance... It's been a while since I saw it last time, so just a few notes - I guess there MUST be some reviews of it, but cannot think ad hoc where to find them... It's a very abstract ballet, men in black (velvet?), one girl in shorts and white top (the sacre?) - starting with one man standing in the middle of the stage, moving slowly -almost like an animal (this is Amilcar's part). As the music becomes stronger, more dancers appear - almost everyone has his o
  20. Very sorry and sad to hear this! I remember some very memorable performances he conducted in London - the only few occasions when I heard and saw him. He made especially Tchaikowski even more special than usual for me.
  21. Here's what's on Munich ballet website "Born on 5 July 1977, danced with Jeune Ballet de France (well tracked down , Estelle, I did not know that!) and at Deutsche Oper Berlin, then he came to Bavarian State Ballet in 1997 as group dancer. With this company, he has danced Max in "Max und Moritz", cadett (sp?) in Neumeier's "Nutcracker", Gaston Rieux in "Lady of the Camellias", Puck in Neumeier's "Midsummernight's Dream", Benno in "Swan Lake" and as Man with the strong heart in "Emma B" [ballet by Jean Grand-Maitre, in one day, out the next...] More recently, he shone in Teshigawara's "Sacre
  22. Hi Alymer, thanks for bringing up this topic! I was hesitating to mention this production - although I think it is great to have it in the repertoire as another real classic, I feel it's difficult to match with really "big" companies' ones... Personally, I felt quite unhappy about the casting. Kirill Melnikov is more a dramatic dancer than a prince, and though I really like Lisa-Maree Cullum (I found her dancing really beautiful, light as a feather and very musical) and Amilcar Moret Gonzales, I was missing any rapport between them. Amilcar Moret Gonzales was born in Cuba and trained at the
  23. Due to injury of one of Munich's principals, we saw an interesting cast last Saturday! Diana Vishneva was brilliant - brilliant technique like Svetlana Zakharova who we saw earlier this year, but quite different. Her Manon was alive. She's a real beauty (and knows this) - well, sometimes I felt it was Vishneva dancing and flirting around, not Manon - but she was stunning. Her variation in Madame's etablissement was different from what I have seen before - not sure of what changes she made to the choreography (especially head, shoulders and movements of the arms - or if that is simply Kirov ve
  24. Giannina and Lolly, thanks for your kind words! Yes, it was truly a very special expericence - and it's true, I have never heard anyone find such vivid images! Our second cast Des Grieux, Alen Bottaini, was watching as well - and when qlimpsing now and then towards him, it seemed he felt like jumping up and trying out those images as well! Finally, after a long "thirst period", we seem to be really lucky - another masterclass has been advised, in January with Marcia Haydee, rehearsing "The Taming of the Shrew"!
  25. Munich, 17.10.01 Last night saw Munich's first ballet masterclass I can think of: Sir Anthony Dowell rehearsed Des Grieux with Bavarian State Ballet's (BSB) first cast for the role, Oliver Wehe. Since I never saw Sir Anthony dancing on stage, I cannot judge or comment that aspect - but from what he performed last night, we got an idea of his stage presence and charisma! Rehearsal included the two main variations of Des Grieux, first one when he first sees/meets Manon, and the second one before the gambling when he is tormented as Manon wants both, him and the jewellery. Oliver Wehe is a v
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