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Bugge who has previously published a photobook of material from the RDB called "Essence of Ballet" has now made a collection of posters of the same material.


So far there are 29 motifs for sale, divided into 4 categories of "Coral Dancers" (bird view shots from Hübbe's La Bayadere), "Subtle Details" (misc, though primarily details of Neumeier's Lady of the Camellias photos and one close up of a fairy foot from Sleeping Beauty as far as I can tell), "The Essence of Ballet" (misc, primarily Lady of the Camellias and La Bayadere, but also Apollon, A Folk's Tale and others) and finally a pure "Lady of the Camellias" category of gorgeous Gudrun Bojesen photos that I would buy in bulks myself, if I had a room to decorate.

Prices seem to be around 100 Danish kr. and you can pay via Paypal or by online credit card.

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