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PA BALLET on live TV now

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...performing literally feet in front of Pope Francis, as part of this evening's Festival of Families event. Five couples dancing a contemporary classical ballet, as folk singer Maria Miller sings. Congrats to AD Angel Corella and the ten dancers! Before, the Philadelphia Orch played Beethoven. I'm watching on Telemundo but the concert is also on CNN...so it may be repeated late-late night. It's a really big shew!

Edited to add: According to Philly.com, Corella choreographed the 3-minute ballet, when the troupe was invited to perform "at the last minute." I still don't know the title of the piece or names of the 10 dancers who performed.

Although tastefully done, with sexy-yet-demure off-white dresses for the ladies, it still was a bit surreal to see men tossing bare-legged ladies into 'wide open' positions directly in front of a Pope...nature in full bloom! On pointe and on prime-time TV! I loved it.

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The couples were:

Lauren Fadeley and Jermel Johnson

Alexander Peters and Oksana Maslova

Brooke Moore and Ian Hussey

Mayara Pinero and Arian Molina Soca

Lillian DiPiazza and Nicolaii Gorodiskii

Loved seeing PAB up there on such a big stage. Congrats to the company and Angel Corella on bringing ballet to the masses.

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