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a selection of vimeo links to segments made by Lisa Rinehart

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pardon any duplication here but these items have come to my attention.

they are by Lisa Rinehart, who continues to do such videos.

more may come my way, in which case i'll post them here.

about Wendy Whelan. It's been posted many places

MovingForward https://vimeo.com/92701693

about a Young Arts dancer from two years ago


Cynthia Harvey's Foundation En Avant


p.s. i've just seen that when posting these links the Young Arts item says cannot be played but i think when one clicks on it, it does play.

p.p.s. and one more, this one a promo for the current Robert Wilson project with Mikhail Baryshnikov based on the Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky.


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