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Roster Changes 2015-16


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Ashley Wheater announced that ten new dancers would be joining the Joffrey Ballet:


Nicole Ciapponi (Canada), Valeriia Chaykina (Russia), Camila Ferrera (Hoboken, New Jersey), Anna Gerberich (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania), Stefan Goncalvez (Brazil), Luis Eduardo Gonzalez (Colombia), Hansol Jeong (Korea), Gayeon Jung (Korea), Paulo Rodrigues (Brazil) and Joan Sebastian Zamora (Colombia). With these new company members, The Joffrey Ballet is currently comprised of 41 dancers.
  • Nicole Ciapponi: corps of San Francisco Ballet 2010-24
  • Valeriia Chaykina: Moscow Ballet, Miami City Ballet School
  • Camila Ferrera: Joffrey Studio Company
  • Anna Gerberich: Principal Dancer, Charlotte Ballet
  • Stefan Goncalvez: Washington School of Ballet
  • Luis Eduardo Gonzalez: Houston Ballet II, Orlando Ballet
  • Hansol Jeong: Korean Ballet Theatre
  • Gayeon Jung: Korea National University of the Arts
  • Paulo Rodrigues: Paulista Dance Company, Joffrey school Trainee
  • Joan Sebastián Zamora: English National Ballet
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Excellent news! Thanks.

My ears perked when I read Valeriia Chaykina's name. I remembered her from Teen Vogue's documentary Stictly Ballet 2 filmed this past June, following a handful of hopefuls vying for limited company positions in Miami Ballet. I'm glad she found a home to be a professional dancer.

With that said, who left Joffrey and to where (maybe retirement even)?

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