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Thanks for the heads-up -- I'm a Wiseman fan.

On a related note, I saw a doc last week about the remodeling of the Rijksmuseum. The New Rijksmuseum was a wonderful look at a grueling process -- it took 10 years to bring the project through, including several backtrackings because of design trouble, permit trouble and the myriad challenges of dealing with fragile, valuable artworks. The opening scenes, where heavy machines are crunching through interior walls and drilling holes in the roof for new windows, are astonishing. Absolutely worth watching.

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Wiseman's film includes some dance. Wayne McGregor appears about two-thirds of the way through to plan the choreography he will produce to coincide with a Titian exhibit, and the film ends with Leanne Benjamin and Edward Watson performing some of that choreography.

On the whole, however, I found much of the film frustrating. Wiseman's taste in art obviously does not match mine, so many of my favorite paintings in the National Gallery are either given very short shrift or are completely absent, and instead, he dwells on works I've never wanted to spend much time on myself. The discussions during staff meetings are crushingly boring, but what goes on in the conservation workshops is completely fascinating.

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