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Paulina Waski


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ABT corps member, Paulina Waski ( with Cameron Mccune another corp member) danced Giselle for the first time in a " Studio to Stage" production at the Hartt school in Conn. This was staged and coached by Xiomara Reyes and Rinat Imaev. There are clips in Paulina's Facebook which showed a very promising debut. Xiomara did very well in staging and coaching .She should be added to the coaches/teachers at ABT

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Thank you for sharing this bingham and quite timely as I just heard from my dear friend just this week who actually attended one of the performances with her grand daughters, they were thrilled with the performance, they said it was a standing ovation for Waski and McCune. They mentioned many in the audience were in tears too, so I am sad I missed this but hope, as you mentioned, that Xiomara and Rinat would be coaching more for us to perhaps see this at the Met one day. After the NY Times review and this post from Natalia I do hope we will get to see more of Waski in the seasons to come and perhaps alongside McCune. And wishful thinking but consider Xiomara Reyes as the next AD?

Especially since Natalia Posted 11 June 2015 - 11:51 AM

Among the newest corps members, I've really admired seeing beautiful Paulina Waski in her solo/demi solo moments (Fairy Candide yesterday matinee & Sapphire on May 29).

I also saw this post on Twitter than shows Waski's hops on pointe from the show? Would love this at the Met ...

jorge furtado leite @jlfleite Jul 28 #everydayisartday @paulinawaski ・・・ Hops 1f430.png abtofficial #Giselle


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