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Arts Funding Opens Up in Seattle

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The county debt for the Kingdome, the long-ago demolished sports stadium has been paid down ahead of schedule, thanks to tourists and business people who've paid hotel and motel taxes, and arts organizations will write proposals to fund facilities upgrades and vie for $20m in funding:


Seattle Opera has long wanted to turn the Mercer Arena, where it and PNB performed while the Opera House was transformed into McCaw Hall, into offices and shop space next door to where they perform -- PNB has the Phelps center, with studio, office, and costume shop space on the other side of the theater -- and no one from PNB was quoted in the article, but I'm guessing some upgrades are due.

Since King County covers both sides of the lake, perhaps PNB can get some money for the eventual transition of the Francia Russell Center on the Eastside. The land under the beautiful facility has been claimed for a light rail station, and I think the only that anyone can agree upon is that there's no way PNB will be compensated for replacement costs on the land and building, let alone other costs of change.

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