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Charley Rose interview of Valery Gergiev

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Thanks for posting. I caught the second half of this interview and found it very interesting. (Will try to check out the rest. Though I suspect some of the questions I would most like to ask Gergiev especially regarding ballet at the Mariinsky didn't get asked in any case...)

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There wasn't much said about ballet at the Mariinsky. The interview was driven by Rose -- Gergiev simply responded. The first half of the interview was mainly about Gergiev's personal career, and about how he sees his global role in the world of music. The initial discussion was intended to be about the story behind the creation of the new Mariinsky Theater, and that did get covered.

The main thing I liked about the interview is to hear how the very articulate Gergiev views a wide ranging set of subjects including such diverse things as his relationship to Putin, and his commitment to nurturing very young artists.

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I thought the relationship to Putin and politics seemed to be what most intrigued Rose in the later portions of the interview. And no matter how you slice it or how you feel about it--I have some sympathy for Gergiev in this respect as well as respect for his accomplishments--Gergiev comes off as a Putin apologist. (American arts leaders are mostly spared having to defend the politics of their donors. Which may be just as well, but also just as well to remember when people launch, as they have, public protests of Gergiev.)

In this context, too, it was interesting to hear his emphasis on DEpoliticizing interpretations of Shostakovich. But altogether a very interesting and, as noted above, wide-ranging interview.

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