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Enrico and Rosa Mascagno of the Ballets Russes

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We received an interesting query today,

I have found on internet your interesting site and forum. As Spanish writer, musician and teacher I am working for a long time in a research about the Diaghilev's Ballet Russe in Spain and as a part of it about the italian dancer Enrico Mascagno, who together his wife Rosa (or Rosetta) were enrolled by Diaghilev between 1917 and 1920, after then, they returned to Italy to work for the La Scala ballet company (together with Cia Fornarolli, Vicenzo Celli, the last Enrico Cecchetti under the choreographer Giovanni Pratesi).
I would like to know, if you can help me where could I find any information about these dancers (or their descendants).
Thank you very much for any help on this matter.
Best wishes.
Antonio Hernandez.
If anyone has any information on the Mascagnos, it would be of great interest to us as well as Mr. Hernandez.
If anyone wants to contact Mr. Hernandez directly, please PM me or send an email to "Contact Us" at the top of the site, and I'll arrange it.
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