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COMPAGNIE KAFIG at Power Center Theatre U of Michigan Ann Arbor

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Compagnie KÄFIG

and Centre Choregraphique National de Creteil et du Val-de-Marne

Power Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, February 14 2014, 8 pm

Artistic Director Mourad Merzouki


Choreography Mourad Merzouki and collaboration of dancers

Performance all 11 dancers

Musical Arrangements AS'N

Co-Producer Espace Albert Camus de Bron

AGWA (2008)

Choreography Mourad Merzouki and collaboration of dancers

Ass't to the choreographer Kader Belmoktar

MusicaL Director AS'N

Performance all 11 dancers


Merzouki (born in 1973)-( I'm quoting the Power Center program)

"…began practicing martial arts and circus arts as early as a seven-year- old. At the age of 15 he encountered hip-hop culture and through it he discovered dance…………[E]xperimenting with other styles….."with

Maryse Delente, Jean Francois Duroure and Josef Nadj". "in 1989…..

….he created his first company Accrorap."

Thr trigger for composing the two works AGWA & CORRERIA "was

an encounter between 11 young dancers from Rio de Janeiro at the

Lyon Dance Biennial in 2006. The Brazilian dancers have their roots in the favelas and their individual stories struck a profound chord….with the

choreographer…………All of them are driven by a passion for dance

and a fervent determination to make something of their lives in reaching out to others.

The dancers mix complex hip-hop, capoeira,

samba, electronic music, and bossa nova to bring a dance with amazing acrobatics, high energy, and invention".

Well, that's about it.

All we had to do, was look at it. Enjoy it.

And enjoy it we did.

Forget about the MacGregors, and the Cerrudos [Hubbard Street] and the Prejlocajes and their 'apocalypses' ; this is the real thing: fresh dance.

When the first work began, the dancers entered, hands clapped and set to the beating heart, the lights set up. Every contingency has been anticipated.

Essentially everything has been prepared for the audience to enjoy a pleasing dance. Indeed it was.

During intermission, the three of us exchanged impressions.

It was entertaining and unpretentious.

The dancers were energetic and clearly enjoyed themselves.

We wondered about the second piece, Agua----- if there would be water splashed on the Marley, as was done with the Cerrudo and the Prejlocaj.

No, no, no. Mr. Merzouki has exquisite taste.

(Spoiler Alert):

His reverential view of water is environmentally correct. Waste not.

Kudos to Mourad Merzouki!

His conceptual realm of a subject is profound.

His choreography is first rate.

His dancers are top notch.

I hope we'll see more of Compagnie Käfig and hope to become acquainted with the collaborative style of the artists of Brazil.

Tremendous ovations.

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