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Bolshoi Finances in 2014

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Ismene Brown has published an analysis and translation of end-of-2013 decisions about Bolshoi finances in 2014 to her blog:


The two main discussion points are that Urin plans to spend an accumulated 3.3m British Pounds in trust money on a series of projects, and that a 20-member group, including five artistic and five technical members of the Bolshoi in addition to ten from management, will work on the upcoming labor contract, including how to allocate the Presidential grants that used to be up to management, which for the ballet meant Filin.

Brown's comparison of the annual budgets of the Bolshoi, compared to Royal Opera (2012) and Paris Opera are eye-opening, to say the least. (The NYCB's operating expenses in 2011 were 61m, 2/3 of the Bolshoi's current budget, which includes the opera, in a less expensive city overall.)

What brought tears to my project manager/nerdy eyes was Urin's straightforward statement about what would happen after 2014, after they spent the reserves: either they'd get more board members (@250K Euros contribution/year), raise the yearly amount on existing board members -- presumably an "and/or" -- or create a budget with what they had. In a profession in which there is enormous pressure to agree to unrealistic budgets, that is a hurricane's worth of fresh air.

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