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GREEN TABLE, 1936 press photo

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scan of press photo for a Jooss Ballets tour that included presenting THE GREEN TABLE.

the first US performances of the work were in the ballet's premiere year of '33 so this may have been from that tour, and got sent out for a subsequent occasion in '36. or some such.

there is a little retouching on the table's lower edge and corner, but that would seem to be all the 'additions' to what the camera caught. the masks seem a bit more caricatured that the later versions seen hereabouts once the Joffrey Ballet began performing the work in '67.

NYPL cat. entry:

Green table: Chor & lib: Kurt Jooss; mus: Frederic A. Cohen; scen & cos: Hein Heckroth. First perf: Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, July 3, 1932, under auspices of "Concours de Chorégraphie en souvenir de Jean Börlin," organized by the Archives Internationales de la Danse; Jooss Ballet.//First U.S. perf: New York, Forrest Theatre, Oct 31, 1933; Jooss Ballet.



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The masks are different -- how interesting. I wonder if then morphed while the work was being performed by the Jooss company. They toured with it all over, and I imagine they had new masks made at some point.

I remember I was so surprised when I realized that the designer for Green Table was also the designer for The Red Shoes.

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