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Eugenia Platonowna Eduardowa


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In reading about various artists and intellectuals who suffered under Nazism, I stumbled across a brief bio of a ballet dancer who was trained at the Mariinsky, went to Berlin in 1926, and ran a successful ballet school there. In 1938, she and her Jewish husband (Joseph Lewitan) made their way to Paris and eventually in 1947 to New York. She is described as "broken" after those struggles and never regained a career.

I'm curious if we know anything about her final years in New York, when both NYCB and ABT were establishing themselves. It's always interesting to learn more about the impact on artists and others of totalitarian regimes, whether Nazis or Communists or others.

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Thank you for these marvelous photos, which I had not seen. It's also sad that she apparently didn't find a career coaching or teaching in New York in the 1950s. She must have been aware of the renaissance in classical ballet all around her then. She would have been in her 70s and perhaps ill, but still...

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More on Eduardova here, with an rg photo and a comment by leonid (she was once Vera Zorina's teacher), also a link to a substantial entry from Hitler's Dancers.


Also another rg photo, a postcard from(?) Madame Eduardova:


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