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"Schubert's Silence" by Raiford Rogers

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(Trying to raise $7,500 by May 14, 2013 to pay production costs, dancers & designers)


Raiford Rogers is a two-time NEA Fellowship awarded choreographer working in Los Angeles.

Blurb from the campaign:

The Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet will premiere “Schubert’s Silence” June 29 at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angeles. The ballet is set to Franz Schubert’s Piano Sonata No.18 in G major, “Fantasie” D.894.

What is intriguing about the music is the silence that exists just under the notes. It’s as if you’re walking on ice and you sense that there’s something just beneath the surface. Like the late Beethoven sonatas, there’s a psychological ambivalence to the music, always another level of meaning. It is art that conceals art.

Schubert wrote for silence; half his work

Lay like a frozen Rhine till summers came

That warmed the grass above him. Even so

His music lives now with a mighty youth.

George Eliot

The purpose of the piece is to explore the idea that dance, itself, can embody music without the dogma of subjective interpretation.

My choreography is not explicitly about anything. There is no story or narrative. The role of the dancer is to "voice" the music -- akin to the way the pages of a book disappear in literature.The challenge is to make the music, and its silence, visible.The dancer's responsibility is to "sing", through movement, the music.

Various Thank You "rewards" for certain levels of patronage, including: tickets, DVD of the finished work, notes from the score, private class, backstage pass, etc...

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