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Balanchine at Paris Opera, 1963

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scan of a captioned photo from '63 when Balanchine supervised the stagings of four of his ballets for the Paris Opera Ballet, the dancers named, one presumes accurately are Vlassy, Motte, GB, Amiel and Rayet.

i say 'presumes' because there was obviously a slip up with company names, identifying the company Balanchine was then leading the destiny of as "American Ballet Theatre in New York."

the director of dance at the Opera during this period, and presumably the one inviting Balanchine to stage his works, was Michel Descombey, who held the position from 1962 - 69 and whose name is mentioned in an earlier post on this thread for the choreography of SARRACENIA, the ballet to Bartok that he created in '64 for Bessy and Labis.



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