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March 2013 season casting: Nijinsky, R&J

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I have posted March Toronto casting to my website.

Nijinsky: http://toursenlair.b...-ballet-of.html

Romeo and Juliet: http://toursenlair.b...meo-juliet.html

NBOC is offering a 4-for-2 deal on orchestra seats for R&J Tuesday to Thursday.

Hi Katherine,

Just read the details of your trip to SPAC - what a wonderful lineup and so nice that you're having dinner at the Hall of Springs. And enjoying our world-famous baths! And visiting the National Museum of Dance!

As the time nears, let's arrange a visit.

As an aside, I used to work for a tour operator in my teens, in the early-mid 70's. It is now defunct but it was called Top Flight Tours and was run by an Irishman named Mike Kelly. He sold tours to Ireland, Scotland and England. My Mom ran his office in the US, which was located in Albany. One of the perks was traveling to Ireland a couple of times. At 16 years old, that was a heady experience, indeed!

~ Karen

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