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Claude Bessy and Attillo Labis

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publicity photo of unnamed 1964 ballet by Michel Descombey, possibly the one listed below in the dance cat. of the New York Public Library:

Sarracenia : Chor: Michel Descombey; mus: Béla Bartók (Music for strings, percussion and celeste); scen: Gustave Singier. First perf: Paris, Opéra, July 1, 1964, Paris Opéra Ballet.

i've heard a bit about Labis as he sometimes partnered Margot Fonteyn, and o'course Bessy from her days as director of the POB school. Descombey's name is an all but unknown one to me.



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Michel Descomby directed the ballet at the Opera from 1961 to 1969. He made a few ballets for the company of which I saw one and can remember little about it except that I kept on checking my watch. He also staged a new version of Coppelia which was I believe, widely thought to be not very good. The critic Marie- Francoise Christout wrote "the score by Delibes, made at a time when each theme, nearly each bar, suggested an appropriate step or action, might have embarrassed the choreographer. Not at all; he has been able to listen to all suggestions in the music with serene indifference". Not encouraging!

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