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State Ballet Theater of Russia: R&J-(Lavrovsky)

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Will be going tonight to see this, so let's see. Will report back.

The State Ballet Theatre of Russia presents

Romeo and Juliet - Ballet in Two Acts


Date:January 4 and 5, 2013

Time: 7:30 PM

Tickets: $31.50 - $61.50

Venue: Parker Playhouse

"Romeo and Juliet," choreographed and produced by Michael Lavrovsky; principal dancer and choreographer of 25 years for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia. "Romeo and Juliet" is the ultimate Shakespearen tragic love story of the young lovers and the conflict between the Montague and Capulet families in the City of Verona.

For more information, visit www.hegmusic.com.

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Which company is that, do you know by any chance? There is no such company as "THE State Ballet of Russia", usually there is a city name that comes with it, e.g. Voronezh State Ballet Theater, Ekaterinburg State Ballet Theater, Novosibirsk State Ballet Theater, etc. The companies conveniently drop the cities names when they tour and it looks like they are THE(!) State Ballet Theater :)

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I saw this company's Giselle in 2009, during one of its tours, and was impressed by the quality of the dancing, especially the partnering in Act II pas de deux. They were so much better than I expected ... or than we here in the sticks generally find with unfamiliar Russian touring groups. I just checked my original Ballet Alert post and find that the Giselle was Tatiana Frolova, but she is not listed in the promotional material below.

Good luck with this, Cristian.

From the promoter's website:

The State Ballet Theatre of Russia

General Information

Igor NEPOMNYASHCHIY, Artistic Director of the Theatre

Lyudmila SYCHEVA, Artistic Director of the Ballet

* Company of 65

P. Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker

Ballet in 2 acts with an Epilogue

Choreography by

Vasily Vainonen

S. Prokofiev

Romeo And Juliet

Ballet in 2 acts

Choreography by

Michael Lavrovsky

S. Prokofiev


Ballet in 3 acts

Choreography by

Vladimir Vasiliev Season 2012 - 2013 USA, Canada Tour 2012 - 2013

The 2006–2007 season marks the debut North American performances of The State Ballet Theater of Russia, which is the touring name of the The Voronezh State Theatre of Opera and Ballet, established in 1961.

The Director of the Voronezh State Theatre of Opera and Ballet is Honored Artist of Russia Igor Nepomnyashchy. The artistic director of the ballet since the early 1990's, is People's artist of Russia Nabilya Valitova.

Voronezh was founded in 1585 by Tsar Feodor I a fortress protecting the Russian state from the raids of Crimean and Nogay Tatars, is a large city in the south of Central Russia, not far from Ukraine. Settlements were present in Voronezh since the Stone Age. And as the name Voronezh is very old, its exact meaning is unknown.

Many famous people were born in Voronezh including poets and writers Platonov, Koltsov, Bunin, Nikitin, Marshak, Troepolskii; painters Kramskoi, Ge, Kuprin, the physicist Cherenkov; gymnasts Davydova, Tkachyov and the anarchist Voline.

The repertoire of the theatre includes work by both classical and modern Russian composers including: Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet .

Numerous distinguished students of the famous Voronezh Choreographic College have immediately joined the State Ballet Theatre of Russia immediately upon their graduation. Alumni of the Voronezh Choreographic College include such well-known choreographers as Ter-Stepanova, E. Aksenova (Moscow), O. Ignatyev (St.-Petersburg), N. Nazirova (Azerbaijan), S. Sheina, V. Petchersky (St.-Petersburg) worked in Voronezh.

At the end of the 1960s and in the beginning of the 1970s the playbill contained Per Gunt by E.Grieg, Giselle and Le Corsaire by Adan, The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev, Young Lady and Hooligan by Shostakovich.

During the 1970s the works of modern composers were widely represented: A.Khachaturyan's Gayane, E.Lazarev's Antony and Cleopatre, R.Shchedrin's Carmen-suite, Mischievous Chastooshki, A.Petrov's Adam and Eve, A.Crein Laurensia and ballet classics such as A.Glazunov's Raimonda, and L.Gerold's Vain Precaution.

The State Ballet Theatre of Russia has toured USA ( four times ). The State Ballet Theatre of Russia has toured with productions of traditional Russian classics throughout France, (performing Sleeping Beauty in 38 cities), Germany, Holland and Czech Republic, as well as in India and throughout Africa with engagements in Tunisia, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia.

Among the company's 65 dancers are many distinguished Russian artists and winners of many international ballet competitions including:

Svetlana Noskova, Yuliya Nepomnyashchaya, Alexandra Alimova, Elena Batishcheva, Marta Filippova, Anastasia Rusina, Denis Kaganer, Alexander Lityagin, Vladislav Ivanov and Valentin Shustikov.

These leading dancers have represented the art of Russian Ballet in the USA, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Vietnam, India, Cyprus, Malta, Japan, and several countries in Africa.

The Overseas Tours

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