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Photo: Balanchine rehearsing Davidsbündlertänze

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I suspect I can get an instant answer here, so here goes. I'm trying to find a famous photograph of Balanchine rehearsing (or perhaps choreographing) Robert Schumann's Davidsbündlertänze. In the photo, there are at least two couples dancing in costume amidst Ter-Arutunian's set, while Balanchine himself is in profile in the middle, arms flung in the air, looking for all the world like Schumann himself in an ecstasy spinning out his poetic dreams (as in Lüders's solo in the ballet). First of all, I'd love just to know who is the photographer was. And is a print available for sale anywhere, even if only in a book?


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p. 126 of PORTRAIT OF MR. B (Ballet Society/Viking, 1984) reproduces a photo related to the one you describe - the one in the books shows, mostly in silhouette l to r: an a dancer i can't readily identify, Peter Martins, Heather Watts? working with Balanchine (who partners her) and Farrell standing at the extreme right all against Ter-Arutunian's C.D.Friedrich-inspired scenery.

the photographer is Paul Kolnick, so perhaps he is also the photographer of the photo you seek.

i suppose a search for Kolnick's work on the internet might lead to a more conclusive answer and/or to a way to acquire a copy of the photo.

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From Paul Kolnik's website:


This isn't the photo rg is describing, since Farrell is point en arabesque, both hands holding the hands of a partner. However, this second photo is obviously from the same shoot. In the photo described by Anthony_NYC, Balanchine is shown as dancer, coach, dance master .

Balanchine in this other Kolnik shot always makes me think of Leopold Stowkowski, shot in silhouette and from the back, in Disney's Fantasia. It is an untypical image of Balanchine, but one which captures his qualities as, literally, a giant ... and a sorcerer.. That's why I love it.


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ViolinConcerto, we were both posting at the same time. It's Kolnik. Steve Caras was shooting the company at the same time, as was Costas,

Portrait of Mr. B (p. 124) does have a Caras photo of Balanchine rehearsing Karen von Aroldingen (her upper body swooning backward in cambre) and Adams Luders in Hungarian Gypsy Airs. As in the Kolnik, Caras observes Balanchine from behind -- arms outstretched, body full of motion. Unlike the Kolnik, the lighting allows us to see the texture and shadowing of Balanchine's suit and trousers, and his silver hair. It's a fine shot.

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Thank you Bart for the link to that photo -- I'd never seen it before; yes, the link to Stokowski is striking. the whole thing is SO Gothick. So Romantic.... "Aus der Heimat hinter den Blitzen rot, da kommen die Wolken hier. Aber Vater und Mutter sind lange tot, es kennt mich dort keiner mehr...."

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