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Daniil Simkin promoted to Principal! ♥

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I agree with miliosr in many things, but not on this matter.

I just posted the following to my fb page

Daniil Simkin promoted to principal dancer at ABT? -- this is FINE WITH ME. Yes, he dances like an elf. Yes, he is a delicate man. No, he's probably not a big enough guy to partner ABT's ballerinas -- so let them hire a short ballerina. Simkin is a FABULOUS DANCER. He's a poet, with a fantastic instrument. He is not just a pyrotechnician -- he is a very sympathetic partner. Check this out: Kochetkova is also a TINY dancer, but look how big she moves, and how happy she looks with him. Please ABT, don't poach Kochetkova. We love her in San Francisco.

I second that Paul! I was so excited to hear that Daniil was promoted to Principal. I screamed with joy when I heard the news. I rarely miss any of his performances in New York. I consider him to be one of the most exciting dancers to have come along in years! He is emerging into a fine dance actor as well. Bravo ABT!

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